Low Vision Aids for Independent Living

Vision loss can reduce your ability to live independently and can be the most devastating experience you could have.

Low vision is often defined as poor eyesight, poor vision, sub-normal vision, partial vision, partial sight or visual impairment. It can seriously impede people from doing daily activities the rest of us take for granted.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of elderly people who suffer from vision impairments arising from early cataract, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease and glaucoma.

Optometric and spectacle care can help seniors with low vision (visual acuity <6/12 in the better eye and/or visual field loss), but many of them may not seek further help because they consider they still can 'see'. Perhaps they were told that "nothing more can be done". Their families may not know about 'low vision' and the services available to assist.

Many patients are not fully aware of the large and diverse range of optical and magnification options they can use to carry out specific, important tasks.

This site provides information on how to identify and combat eye diseases.

Useful products for seniors

Talking pen aiding low vision patients

Glasses for watching TV for visual impaired patients

A light weight digital magnifier which you can take anywhere

A desk magnifier with a light with up to 2.2 times magnification